Free Kitten Coloring Pages for Kids & Adults (PDF Printables) (2024)

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Cats are my all-time favorite animals. Their peaceful nature, their calming purrs, their soft fur - I adore it all. But despite having a wonderful cat of my own at home, there is always space in my life for even more cats. And yes, that includes fun kitten coloring pages.

You can color these free, printable kitten coloring pages with your friends, your kids, or anyone else you want to share them with. We have a wide variety so you can find the exact cat you want. Maybe a few of our coloring pages even look like your special kitty at home.

Free Kitten Coloring Pages for Kids & Adults (PDF Printables) (1)

Grab as many of these free kitten coloring pages as you like. You can print a bunch for a birthday party or gathering, or just one for a rainy day at home. There’s no wrong way to use these printable kitten PDFs, whether you like the cute ones or the more realistic, detailed ones. Or try one of the zentangles for a real kitten coloring challenge. (Pro tip: You may want colored pencils or fine-tipped markers for those.)

Scroll through our entire gallery of free, printable kitten coloring pages, or choose the category of coloring page that appeals most to you:

Cute Kittens
Realistic and Detailed Kittens
Zentangle Kittens

Our kitten coloring pages are high-resolution letter-sized printable PDFs. To download, simply click on the image or the text-link underneath the image. These printables are for personal, non-commercial use only.

Cute Kitten Coloring Pages

If there is one thing kittens are great at, it’s being unbearably cute. Check out these free, printable kitten coloring pages that pay homage to kittens’ ability to bowl us over with cuteness. It might be hard to pick just one.

Playing in Empty Box Kitten Coloring Page
Playing with Mouse Kitten Coloring Sheet for Kids
Cool Sunglasses Kitten Coloring Page
Cute Kitten with Milk Coloring Page
Cute Kitten Wearing Bow Coloring Sheet for Kids
Cute Super Kitten Coloring Sheet
Kitty Napping in Basket Coloring Page
Kawaii Caticorn Coloring Sheet
Playful Kitty Coloring Sheet
Cute Kitten with Heart Necklace Picture to Color
Cute Mother Cat with Kittens Coloring Page

Mother Cat with Kittens Picture to Color
Kawaii Kitties Coloring Page
Cute Puppy and Kitty Coloring Page
Kitten on a Swing Coloring Sheet

Realistic and Detailed Kitten Coloring Pages

Do any of these realistic kitten coloring pages look like a cat you have at home? It might be fun to color in your own special kitty. Some of these aren’t perfectly realistic, but are still more detailed than would be appropriate for your littlest ones, so slightly older kids may have more fun with these.

Kitty Watching a Bird Scene to Color
Kitten in the Rain Coloring Page for Kids and Adults
Kittens Having a Picnic Coloring Sheet for Teens and Adults
Sweet Kitten Watching Butterfly Coloring Scene
Detailed Kitten Among Flowers Coloring Page for Adults
Realistic Kitten in Meadow Coloring Page for Adults
Cartoon Kitten in Meadow Coloring Page for Kids
Pumpkin Patch Kitten Coloring Sheet for Kids
Detailed Realistic Pumpkin Patch Kitten for Adults
Cute Birthday Kitten Scene to Color

Zentangle Kitten Coloring Pages

If you have teenagers at home or want more of a challenge for yourself, try one of these printable kitten coloring pages featuring a complex zentangle design. You might need to sharpen up your colored pencils to pull these off.

Kitten Face Mandala to Color for Teens and Adults
Full Kitten Zentangle for Teens and Adults
Patterned Cat Face Coloring Sheet for Adults
Playful Kitten Coloring Sheet for Adults

Crafty Ideas for Your Free Kitten Coloring Pages

You don’t need to be done with your free kitten coloring pages after coloring them in. In fact, you can take them well beyond just a fun coloring activity if you want to get crafty. If you have a rainy afternoon or an event to plan, check out these crafty ideas for your free, printable kitten coloring pages that can turn this fun activity into something you get to treasure for years to come.

Make a Custom Journal

Do you love journaling or want to start? You can customize your journal with your own beautiful coloring masterpiece. We have a great tutorial about how to make your own journal cover. However, it talks about making a felt cover. To use your kitten coloring page as the cover instead, you can follow most of the same instructions, but replace the felt with your coloring sheet.

Put simply, you’ll want to print your free kitten coloring page in such a way that it can wrap around your journal. Next, you’ll need to glue it down firmly. Finally, you may want to seal your coloring page with something like Mod Podge so that it doesn’t get damaged as easily.

If this isn’t quite what you’re looking for, you can also use your printable kitten coloring pages inside of the journal instead. The technique is much the same. Simply find a journal page you want to decorate with your coloring sheet, then glue in your masterpiece. You can also cut out specific parts of your artwork and glue or tape those in separately, almost like stickers. Create a whole kitten collage to keep as a memento in your journal.

Decorate a Doorplate

This is a great one for a kid’s bedroom. First, you will need to go to a local craft store and buy the letters for their name. These letters are often made of wood. Sometimes, you can find entire names, but if you can’t, you will need to arrange the letters and attach them to something you can hang.

Now, it’s time to customize. Glue your colored in kitten coloring pages to the letters. Cut off the excess bits of paper. You will produce a unique and bright nameplate, with all the letters in the person’s name containing their own artwork. How fun is that?

Personalize a Gift

You can absolutely use your printable kitten coloring pages to personalize a gift. There are many ways to do this. You might use your kitten coloring pages as wrapping paper if you print it out large enough. You can even fold it into origami to add a flourish to a gift box. Make sure before you start folding that your printable kitten coloring page is the right size and shape for the origami. For example, some origami needs to be square, while you can fold other shapes out of things like dollar bills.

You can also use the kitten coloring page as a card for a birthday, holiday, or special event. The instructions for this would be similar to the instructions on any of our free printable birthday cards. Make sure the coloring page is the right size. You might want to print it on one quadrant of a page so that when you fold your card, the kitten coloring page can be the cover of the card. Then simply color in your card and personalize it with a message for your loved one.

Make Your Own Keychains

This is a really fun one that looks impressive but is actually pretty simple. You will need a “shrinky dinks” kit, however.

First, you can print out and color in your favorite kitten coloring page. Then you need to scan the image so you can place it back on your computer. This is because you’ll have to print it out again, this time at a smaller size and on the shrinky dinks material. Cut around the edges, punch a hole in the top, and follow the shrinky dinks instructions for putting it in the oven.

Afterward, you should seal your image in some way. Once it’s ready, you can add the chain. And there you have it. A keychain you made on your own.

Incorporate It Into Other Art Mediums

Want some art with your art? You can use your kitten coloring page as the starting point to make other artsy projects.

For example, you could cut out part of your image and incorporate it into a sewing project. You could also make a collage. This is especially fun if there are a few images you really like among our free kitten coloring page collection. You could even turn this into a group activity. If you hosted a birthday party, for example, you could let all the children color their favorite images, then combine all the coloring sheets at the end to make one big piece of artwork that everyone contributed to.

Let your imagination run wild with these coloring sheets. If you like to paint, you can add them to your canvas. You can even make a 3D diorama by cutting out various kittens and items and piecing them back together. These free kitten coloring pages are really just the start of your fun artsy journey, so let your creativity go into overdrive.

Cat Coloring Pages

If you're looking for more feline coloring pages and free printables, take a peek at our collection of Cat coloring sheets for cute cat-themed pictures to color in.

Looking for More Coloring Pages?

You don’t need to stop with kittens. Maybe you’re more of a dog person? How about sharks? We also have so many more free and fun printable coloring themes in our full collection of Coloring Pages.

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