21 Kitten Coloring Pages | Free PDF Printables (2024)

Welcome to our ever-growing collection of kitten coloring pages. Each free printable PDF features adorable kitten pictures including: fluffy cartoon kittens, playful kittens, kitties in teacups, and realistic kittens.

This set of kitty coloring sheets will leave you feeling warm and fuzzy, whether you have a cat-loving youngster or want to add a new piece of art to your kitten's playspace.

21 Kitten Coloring Pages | Free PDF Printables (1)

Free Kitten Coloring Pages

For this series, we illustrated all different types of kittens. You'll find Siamese, hairless sphynx, calico, Persian, and American shorthair kittens.

While we designed many of these baby cats to color in for kids of all ages, we've also included detailed designs for adults, too. Print some for a quiet activity to do with the kids or to welcome a new kitten to your home.

All our high-resolution free catling pictures are standard US letter size, but they also fit perfectly onto A4 paper sizes.

1. Click on the coloring sheet image or text link under the image.

2. The printable file (PDF) will open in a new browser tab.

3. You can download or print to your heart’s content from there!

These free printables are for personal, non-commercial use only.

Kitty Coloring Sheets to Download

Gather your markers, colored pencils, favorite kitty stuffie, and gel pens to color something cute and fluffy. Happy coloring!

Kitten Pictures to Color For Kids

From simple outlines to fluffy kawaii kitties, these coloring pages are perfect for younger children.

Free Coloring Page of a Cute Persian Kitten

Funny Kitty Pun Printable Coloring Sheet

While you're at it, print these related coloring sheets!

Adult Cats




Printable Coloring Page of a Ragdoll Kitten Napping In a Cat Bed

Kitten Cupcake Kids Coloring Sheet

Free Sphynx Kitten Coloring Sheet

Playful Kitten Holding Balloons Print-Out Coloring Page

Baby Cat Playing with a Ball of Yarn Picture to Color

Adorable Kitten Stretching to Get a Cat Toy Coloring Sheet for Kids

Kitty Cat with Baby Bottle Coloring Page

Kawaii Kitty with Big Eyes and Bow to Color for Kids

Maine Coon with Kitten's Paws Coloring Page for Kids

Printable Cartoon Kitty Wearing a Hat and Scarf in Winter Snow Coloring Sheet PDF

Picture of a Cub in Forest to Color

Free Halloween Kitty Outline with Pumpkin and Bat to Color for Kids

Little Kitten in Tea Cup Coloring Page

Detailed Kitten Coloring Sheets for Teens and Adults

These intricate kitten designs are ideal for a more advanced coloring experience.

Realistic Baby Cat Sleeping Coloring Page

Detailed Feline Youngster Zentangle Adult Coloring Page

Realistic Kitty Playing with a Cat Toy Coloring Sheet

Printable Coloring Page of Cute Kitten in Basket

21 Kitten Coloring Pages | Free PDF Printables (23)

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Download a few (or a hundred!) today.

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Craft Ideas to Make With Kitten Coloring Pages

If you're a cat enthusiast, a crafty parent, or a teacher looking for fun activities, this list of kitten-themed craft ideas is for you!

Featuring 12 unique and adorable projects, these ideas are perfect for bringing those cute kitten coloring pages to life.

Choose your favorite coloring tools and create a masterpiece that celebrates your furry friend!

1. Pop-Up Kitty Card

Create an interactive, 3D pop-up card featuring playful cats to gift to your own on their birthday and show them some love.

Choose a kitty coloring page and color it vibrantly. Cut around the kitten's outline and make a small accordion fold at the bottom of the cutout.

Fold a piece of cardstock in half to create the card base. Then, glue the accordion part of the kitten inside, so it pops up when opened.

Decorate the rest of the card with simple outlines of birds, mice, and little balls of yarn. You could even glue small threads of scrap yarn onto your design to make it more textured and visually interesting.

Write your message inside and watch as your kitty pounces into action when opened!

2. Memory Meow-ments

Release your inner artist and use your colored kitten pictures as adorable accents in your scrapbook.

Select a printable sheet with your favorite kitty design and color it using bright or pastel shades.

Cut out the kitten and use it to embellish a page in your scrapbook, perhaps framing a photo of your pet or a memorable day. Or, use larger sections of the picture to create a beautiful background and layer your photos on top.

Add other elements like stickers, drawings of hearts and flowers, or handwritten notes to complete the page.

3. Cute Cat Calendar

A personalized, kitten-themed calendar is a fun way to keep track of important dates and perfect for helping older kids organize their afterschool activities.

Choose 12 different cat coloring pages, each representing a month. Perhaps a baby cat curled up in an Easter basket for April and a kitty wearing a hat and scarf for December.

Print calendar pages that are easily found online. Order your pages so that you have a colored design and then a date page, and repeat this until you have used all 12 of your pictures and calendar printouts.

Staple the pages together and punch a hole at the top to allow for hanging.

4. Purr-fect Perch

Create a window perch using colored pages, providing the perfect spot for your young kitty-cat to gaze outside.

Start by coloring a few free coloring pages, focusing on designs that will appeal to your feline friend, such as birds, fish, or a yarn ball.

Then, use Mod Podge glue to cover a sturdy piece of cardboard with the cutouts. Ensure the cardboard is wide enough for your kitty to lounge on!

If the window sill is wide enough, simply place the cardboard on it and add non-slip pads underneath to prevent sliding. Or, use heavy-duty suction cups attached to the window and the underside of the perch.

Ensure your perch is secure, then encourage your kitten to try out their new chillout spot!

5. Playful Paper Tunnels

Turn colored pages into a playful pet tube for your little kitten to explore.

Choose a variety of cute cats from our printable coloring pages and color them in.

Then, glue or tape these pages to the outside of large cardboard tubes or boxes, cutting holes in the sides for additional entrances and peek-a-boo holes.

Arrange the tubes in a fun layout and present this magical maze to your fur baby on National Pet Day.

6. Interactive Kitten Art

An interactive wall provides entertainment for your cat and a unique decoration for your home.

Color several designs featuring baby cats and laminate to protect them from your kitten’s paws.

Attach the colored pages to a wall in a staggered pattern. Then, use non-toxic glue to add hanging strings or feathers for your kitty-cat to swat at.

Your kitten will have a great time playing with all of the fun things in its new play area, keeping them busy and happy while you’re away at school or work!

7. Pounce and Play Cat Wand

Entice your furry friend with a homemade cat wand, a playful toy that's perfect for engaging your kitten in some swishing, jumping, and pouncing fun.

Select cute kitten coloring pages and fill them with various shades to catch your cat's eye.

Cut the pages into long, thin strips, ensuring they're light enough to flutter in the air.

Find a lightweight stick, such as a dowel, and securely attach the strips to one end using tape. Add feathers and string. Your kitty won’t be able to resist!

This simple yet effective toy is not only a great way to interact with your pet, but it also encourages exercise and provides mental stimulation.

8. Folded Feline Fun

Craft origami pet toys using coloring sheets for a fun and simple project that allows kids to enhance their color recognition and fine motor skills.

Color a detailed cat design and cut it into squares (5x5 inches). To create an origami fish:

  1. Place the square paper with the colored side facing up. Fold in half horizontally.
  2. Unfold and then repeat with a vertical fold. Unfold to reveal a criss-cross pattern of creases.
  3. Flip the square over. Now, fold it diagonally, aligning corner to corner, and unfold.
  4. Repeat the diagonal fold with the opposite corners, then unfold.
  5. Turn the paper back to the colored side. Gently collapse the sides towards the center by pushing along the creases, forming a triangle.
  6. Focus on the top layer of the right corner of your triangle. Fold it vertically, aligning with the triangle's peak and down the center.
  7. Turn the paper over. Repeat the same fold with the top layer of the left corner of the triangle.
  8. Flip your paper back. You'll now see a fish-like shape.
  9. Add personality to your fish by drawing an eye and a mouth.

Find instructions for other origami shapes online and create a collection of lightweight toys that are perfect for your cat to bat around and provide endless entertainment.

Here’s a video tutorial on how to fold paper into a fish shape: Easy Origami Fish

9. Furry Friend Figures

This craft transforms a coloring sheet into delightful paper dolls for imaginative playtime.

Choose illustrations featuring kittens in various poses and color them with crayons, gel pens, or markers.

Cut out each design, ensuring to include a small tab at the base. Fold these tabs so the kittens can stand upright.

Kids can use these paper puss* cats to create their own stories or as cute decorations in their play area.

10. Bedtime Cat Chimes

Create a hanging mobile for your pet’s bed using our unique kitten illustrations.

Color and cut out various kitties, shapes, and cat-related items. Punch a hole in the top of each cutout.

Make a frame using a cardboard ring. Attach your cutouts to the frame using string.

Add feathers and string with jingle bells on and hang above your young cat’s bed, giving them something to watch and listen to as they gently drift off to sleep.

11. Mealtime Meow Mat

Design a personalized pet mat for your pet's food and water bowls.

Color a full page design and write your kitten’s name in sparkly gel pen.

Cover the finished page with clear adhesive or laminate for durability.

Dinner’s served!

12. Cozy Kitten Coasters

Create charming coasters for your coffee table or as a housewarming gift for a cat-loving friend.

First, color a Siamese kitten or any other preferred design from our printable coloring pages. Cut the colored image to fit the size of your coaster.

Glue the image onto a piece of thick cardboard or tile and cover it with a clear adhesive or resin to waterproof it.

Display your fancy feline coasters at your next gathering for your friends and family to set their “cat-puccinos” on.

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21 Kitten Coloring Pages | Free PDF Printables (2024)
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