8 Of Jason Wylie's Best 'Mentalist' Moments That Prove He Was More Than A Computer Coyote (2024)

When you think of CBS' The Mentalist, what's the first thing that comes to mind? I'm going to guess it's either Patrick Jane or Red John. Right? For seven seasons, fans of the drama starring Simon Baker and Robin Tunney tuned in to see how Jane would use his "psychic" abilities to solve a crime — never did he fail at doing just that, even if it meant coming up with some elaborate and off-the-wall scheme. Now that the series has ended, it's hard not to reflect back on the show and some of its best characters and moments, including the ones delivered by Jason Wylie, aka The Coyote.

Played by Joe Adler, Wylie first appeared on The Mentalist during Season 6. Eventually, he became a series regular just in time for the final season. Despite not appearing throughout the entire series, Wylie became one of the breakout characters. Not only did viewers admire him for his expert FBI computer skills, but no one could resist his geeky charm, his sometimes failed jokes, and overall adorableness too.

Even though he only showed up in 26 episodes, Wylie was one character who grew tremendously from his first episode to his very last. I think it's time we honor Wile E. Coyote by checking out some of his best moments, which not only prove he had quite the transformation, but also show why he was such a beloved character.

When He Told Cho To Call Him "The Coyote"

Remember when Cho met Wylie for the first time? Well, Wylie said Cho could call him "The Coyote." Of course, Cho wanted none of that. The best part was Wylie had no idea why people were calling him that in the first place. Then Cho had to break it down for him: Wile. E. Coyote and The Road Runner. Yeah, Wylie still didn't get the Looney Tunes reference.

When He Was Protective Of Jane's Cup

We all know how sacred Jane's cup was to him, so when Wylie told Vega she couldn't use it, well, her face was priceless and this easily became one of Wylie's most memorable moments. He really respected Jane and that famous cup.

When He Opened His Heart To Vega

You could say Wylie didn't quite have all "the moves" when it came to women, but that didn't stop him from trying with co-worker Vega. At first, he was awkward, but soon enough, he found a way to open his heart and move in the right direction with the lady of his eye. Despite Vega's demise in Season 7, her death and the effect she had on Wylie transformed him — in more ways than one.

When He Stepped Up His FBI Game

Wylie started out as a computer expert assisting Jane, Lisbon, and Cho with their investigations. Over time, Wylie went from a computer expert who sat at a desk to a computer expert out in the field helping solve cases. There's no denying that when it came to his career, Wylie stepped it up big time.

When He Showed His Vulnerable Side

Vega's death hit close to home for everyone, but you could say it affected Wylie the most, especially since he had feelings for her. Seeing his vulnerability showed another side of Wylie, which only made him more human and relatable.

When He Bonded With Cho

As much as I loved the relationship Cho shared with Rigsby, I also adored the bond formed between Cho and Wylie. They slowly became friends and trusted FBI co-workers who relied on one another for more than just information in solving a murder or crime.

When He Busted Out His Dance Moves

I don't know about you, but I love to watch others dance, especially characters on TV. So when we got to see a group dance at Jane and Lisbon's wedding, well let's just say I was more than thrilled. Yes, Wylie's one of the main reasons I sometimes watch this video on repeat. Scroll to mark 1:55 to see what I mean.

When He Was Just Himself

As much growth as Wylie demonstrated for his short time on the series, he never changed when it came to being himself. Not once did he stop loving video games and speaking computer lingo. Without those two things, I don't think Wylie would have been himself, the character fans all came to love.

Wylie, thank you for being you.

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8 Of Jason Wylie's Best 'Mentalist' Moments That Prove He Was More Than A Computer Coyote (2024)
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